Vedoredo creates the signature looks for every project through our services.

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VeDo ReDo have evolved an expertise in interior design with the design of beautiful residential interiors to commercial, Institutional office spaces. Our design tailored to architectural principles, our client’s requirements, aesthetic, function and cultural sensibility. Our uncompromising nature towards materials, finish, texture and craftsmanship delivers inspired result / solution for our clients.

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We have found solutions for many of our partners hard to treat, non traditionally built properties, bringing them up to today’s standards of warmth and energy efficiency. Converting out of date, no longer fit for purpose, properties into new living spaces. Our capability spans new build, refurbishment and the remodelling of existing buildings to deliver supported living. We understand the need to design with sensitivity to meets the needs of the future.

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VeDo ReDo is a specialist in building affordable new homes. We have experience of utilising the full range of modern methods of construction, from the use of modular construction techniques to zero energy homes. We can deliver homes today, that meets the needs of tomorrow in terms of design and sustainability. We specialize in the delivery of a range of services to our partners to build viable, strong, sustainable communities through the provision of new and improved housing. We collaborate fully with our clients and end user to understand how the buildings will be used in practice. This has given us an in-depth knowledge base and track record that enable us to deliver project with complete satisfaction.

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