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How to design a Dining Room?

Mar 18, 2019

The Dining Room is one of the favorite rooms in the home, where we had great memories by sharing food and thoughts. Its therefore we should make it more comfortable and functional. So, here we look at how to design a warm but stylish dining room. The most important consideration when designing your dining room is how exactly you’ll be using it.


For more details refer – Dimensions

Space determines the type of furniture size, the larger the room, the longer the table you should have–and vice versa. Round table with 50 inches or less diameter are best for navigation and conversation, for larger group you can prefer rectangular or over table with 30 to 36 inches width. In terms of chairs you should pay attention, dining chair heights are typically 17 to 19 inches from floor to seat. If you would like armchairs, its height may vary by style so, ensure the armchairs fit comfortably under the table. Allow at least 30 inches of space for chair extension.


Lighting is one of the most important elements in our homes.Lighting helps a room look larger and more welcoming.Be careful when it comes to select lamps and think about size, if it was too small it won’t give you adequate light for your particular space. There are a number of modern lighting fixtures that can be installed, the larger the room, the more bulbs in your chandelier are needed and vice versa.

Image : Refinedllc

Paint & Texture

Paint can transfer the entire room, light colors can make the dining room look larger and brighter. Texture & color makes all rooms feel alive. Adding two coordinating patterns, or one with a pattern and one that’s solid gains depth and dimension for room. Excellent way of adding contrast is with a rug or mixing traditional chairs with a modern table, or vice versa.

Image : Avenuebdev

Image : Deavita

Focal point

Look for a focal point in your dining room, it may be a window or an artwork. Bare wall make the room look plain and empty so, make some art which might become a spark for starting a conversation. Even you can make your dining table as a focal point for the home.

Image : Amekinc


Image : Decoist


Dining room storage is really important to keep the room tidy and clutter-free – and it gives you room to store functional items like trivets, glassware, serving pieces—even salt and pepper shakers, napkins etc. The storage should be child friendly, best storage ideas are multi-functional drawers, open shelves, larder styled cupboard or shared purpose storage.

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10 Beautiful Black & White Bedrooms

Your bedroom is the most important rooms in your home and the best place for relaxation, A black and white palette is Simple and Classic, White usually has a positive association and it represent a successful beginning where as Black gives the feeling of perspective and depth, when we use these two colors in a perfect ratio for bedroom we will get a stretch of the monochromatic theme in a sophisticated look. Monochromes are heading now a days, these 10 designs will surely make you fall in love with Black & White Monochromatic theme.

Image : Nashastyle

Image : Pinterest

Image : Nashastyle

Image : Kriss tina

Image : Nastasiadiz

Image : L.O.V.Studio

Image : Feddoor

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10 Micro Apartment Ideas

Image :

The Architects and designers around the world are creating innovative space – saving ideas called Micro apartments. This includes energy efficient, modular storage, latest technology such as keyless entry, micro ambient lighting and generous bed space for two people with convertible sofa and much more.

Here are 10 design ideas of micro apartment

Under bed, sofa storage ideas – Image : Dezeen

Rotatable TV, Glass wall for more light and city view – Image : Casa100

Micro Ambient Lighting – Image : Wharfdc

More white for a better lighting – Image : Rotenturmstrasse

Image : Picturewall

Image : Refinery29

Hanging bed over a kitchen – Image : Streambelmont

Modular Storage Space – Image : Picturewall

Convertible Morphe Sofa – Image : Narchitects

Convertible Morphe Sofa – Image : Narchitects

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How to create a Grid Gallery in Wall

Feb 16, 2019
Image :

The grid gallery wall are gaining popularity in recent times. The grid gallery is nothing but displaying many wall art or photos. It can be vertical or horizontal with two or more rows, in a square or rectangle manner.

The most important aspect needed for a clean finished grid gallery is a clear perspective about the theme that you intent to use, well planning and a precise measurement – don’t trust your eyes, intend use measuring tape.

The best number of pieces of grid are 3*3 (9 pieces), 3*4 (12 pieces), 4*4 (16 pieces) with 2 to 3 inches space between each frames. The frames are either used to fill a space between floor and ceiling or furniture and ceiling. The colour of the frame are based on the look you want such as classic or bold.

Here are some examples for grid gallery which inspired us.

Image : Domino

Image : Trip Advisor

This is Spiral type, start with a center frame, and spiral out. Image : Picturewall

Image : Onechitecture

Image : Framebridge

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Green Architecture – Traditional Structure examples

Feb 12, 2019
Image :

Green Architecture or Green Design : The buildings has to be design and constructed as Eco friendly building, using optimal amount of energy and resources. So that we can attain sustainable environment for our future generation. Enormous consumption of resources in design as well as in execution is not acceptable in any case. Whatever the delightful buildings, it must be with optimum limits. The olden buildings constructed as huge and traditional, but as a same time it is energy efficient one. The buildings with natural light&air will leads to less consumption of energy. Some of the traditional structures are picturised below…

Kanadukathan Palace at Tamil Nadu – Image : Blogspot

Chidambaravilas at Tamil Nadu – Image : Chidambaravilas

Chettinadu Mansion at Tamil Nadu – Image : Booking

Padmanabhapuram Palace at Kerala – Image : Kanyakumaritourism

Padmanabhapuram Palace at Kerala – Image : Tripadvisor

Top 7 Architecture of 2018

Feb 10, 2019
Top 7 Architecture of 2019

Huangshan Mountain Village

Huangshan, located near the ancient villages of Hongcun and Xidi in China’s Anhui province, is home to one of the country’s most beautiful mountains. As a UNESCO Heritage Site, it is a popular tourist destination”. It is a cluster of housing towers which take their forms from the granite contours of the Huangshan mountain range. Ten housing blocks make up Huangshan Mountain Village. The floorplates of each one decrease in scale towards the summit, tapering to create a peak-like formation along the edge of Taiping Lake.

Image : Arch daily

Morpheus hotel

Morpheus hotel in Macau, China, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, The monolithic 40-storey structure, wrapped in a gleaming aluminium exoskeleton, Yet closer examination reveals the hotel’s futuristic-looking design – which boasts a world-first, free-form exoskeleton with its structural geometric grid negating the need for internal walls or columns that would clutter the hotel’s interior.

Image : Booking

Image : Dezeen

Zaha Hadid’s condos

It is an 11-storey structure that includes 39 private residences and a number of luxury amenities, with steel bands and rounded glass corners beside the High Line park. By Zaha Hadid Architects. Named after its address in Chelsea, 520 West 28th Street.  The building’s elegant hand-crafted metal façade is driven by one continuous line, which loops its way skywards. These dynamic curves create a distinctive chevron pattern that embraces interlacing levels, maximizing privacy and security between residences.

Image : New atlas

Battersea Arts Centre

The Battersea Arts Centre (“BAC”) building located near Clapham Junction railway station in Battersea, in the London Borough of Wandsworth that operates as a performance space specialising in theatre productions.

Image : bac

OMA Rijnstraat 8

Upon its completion in 1992, Rijnstraat 8, the former Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM) building represented both an innovative office typology. In collaboration with the original architect, Jan Hoogstad, OMA has developed an integrated concept for the building based on a renewal of its existing architectural qualities.

Image : oma

Zaryadye Park

Zaryadye Park is a landscape urban park located adjacent to Red Square in Moscow, Russia, on the site of the former Rossiya Hotel. Zaryadye Park is the first public park built in Moscow for over 50 years. The area of the park’s facilities is almost 78,000 square meters, of which 25,200 square meters is occupied by a multipurpose concert hall. The floating bridge is a thin air structure in the form of the letter “V” with a large outward extension above the water. It towers over the embankment and seems to hover over the Moscow River.

Image : Arch daily

Apple Store Michigan Avenue, Chicago / Foster + Partners

Inspired by the pulse of Chicago’s artistic energy, Apple has created a new platform for performance in a city charged by music. Located at the intersection of the Chicago River and North Michigan Avenue’s ‘Magnificent Mile’, Apple Michigan Avenue cascades down from Pioneer Court to the river’s edge, creating new connections between the city and the river. It was designed by Foster + Partners.

Image : Architecture

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12 Creative Home Office Designs Ideas

Feb 7, 2019
Image :


All home need a home office because everybody has bring work to home at some sort of time, if you are not an office worker then possibly you need a productive room to go through bills or store some paperwork or kids need an area to do their homework.

  • While designing a home office ensure that it should reflect the design of a home and must have sufficient storage area.


  • Furniture is the most important element in home office, it allow you to continue your work without intrusion from the work, invest in great chair that feels comfortable to you.


  • Paint your room that maximize your productivity, lighting is another important element so, make sure to have an enough lighting.


  • Instead of staring at wall you can fix your view towards a window or wall art which makes work more interesting.

Some of the creative designs ideas to get inspired…

Image : Behance

Image : Fast coexist

Image : Shutterstock

Image : Homify

Image : Shutterstock

Image : Behance

Image : Decorami

Image : Design metoo

Image : Shutterstock

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15 most creative balcony ideas to get inspired

Feb 6, 2019
Creative Balcony 06

Balcony is the space where you can spend your time for relaxation, whatever may be the size still you can make it aesthetic and functional space by proper planning with little creativity. As a place for relaxation the seat is important whether it is steel or wood, chair should comfy enough to sit for a while. Here are some design tips to get most of balcony.

  • Incorporating a rug can help you to make your balcony appear even bigger, right colour and pattern makes best pair for a balcony.
  • If the balcony space is limited, café chair and a small table creates a functional space.
  • Instead of fixing a permanent lighting go for a lantern string lights which makes balcony more magical.
  • Plants in balcony can give a new look and satisfaction. The plants are arranged in a monochromatic and uniform manner to get more pleasure from it.


Some of the creative designs to get inspired…

For more designs CLICK – Beautiful balcony design ideas

Creative Balcony 01

Creative Balcony 02

Creative Balcony 03

Creative Balcony 04

Creative Balcony 05

Creative Balcony 06

Creative Balcony 07

Creative Balcony 08

Creative Balcony 09

Creative Balcony 10

Creative Balcony 11

Creative Balcony 12

Creative Balcony 13

Creative Balcony 14

Creative Balcony 15

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Penny tiles flooring

Feb 6, 2019
Image :

Sometimes, the greatness of a space can be found in the smallest details. The Penny tile (also known as a Penny round) is a small tile in a round or hexagonal shape that can help you making kitchens and small bathrooms look larger. Penny tiles are often spotted in historic homes, now they are making a comeback, these charming little rounds / hexagonal are fresh and invigorating in many spaces even in modern foyer or entryway floors.

Single colour of penny tile can deliver a clean, conservative look, and broad range of coloured tiles arranged in an interesting patterns gives a showy effect. They’re also flexible enough to wrap seamlessly around curved objects. Now it’s very easy to install because of mesh sheets which are usually attached to it. You can find them in ceramic or porcelain and also in glass, stone, metal and even cock. Porcelain penny tiles are ideal medium for slippery surfaces or high-traffic areas and Ceramic penny tiles are used frequently for showers or Kitchen backsplashes.

Have you bored choosing square?

Let’s take a look at some Bathrooms and Kitchens with Penny Tiles, which make you to fall in love…!!!


Image : homedit

Image : homedit

Image : homedit

Image : homedit

Image : trendecora

Image : lovelyving

Image : homedit


Image : shoko design

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Staircase of 2019…!!!

Feb 6, 2019
Image :

Interstellar Staircase

The molded plywood which is strong and stiff material are used here to make this staircase. The module are arranged differently in linear or radial and compounded into straight flights or spiral stairs. The module of tread extending as its own structure connecting the ceiling or floor. From the geometrical view, this design consist of two identical halves, the lower half mounding from the floor below supported by its compression, while the upper part dipping from the floor supported by its own tension. This design is purely an artwork (wood work) which makes the environment more special and creates a space for exploration.

Image : eestairs

Image : eestairs

Möbius Staircase

This staircase design was created by 4A four architects Poland, they got the inspiration from Möbius strip. This staircase easily become a sculptural element and a focal point of the building because of its eye-catching design. It resembles the symbol of infinity, users can have an eye-contact with every other in the stairs and it is visible from every point of the interior of a building. They designed it for a financial corporation where this space serves to introduce a client to the company.

Image : eestairs

Image : eestairs

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