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10 Best Indoor Garden Ideas

In this rapidly urbanizing world, the living space are greatly reduced so, you lack in space for gardening in your tiny apartment. This issue won’t stop you from creating a garden, growing plants in a tiny apartment is not an impossible task, here we have a techniques called vertical garden or Potted garden.  You can grow plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your indoor space.  A new, national survey shows more American households are gardening than ever before (77%), and increasingly the gardener is a young man. We listed best 10 indoor gardening design ideas.

Potted garden – Image : Pinterest

Garden in an open terrace – Image : 33decor

Growing plants in a room partition wall – Image : Rscorporation

Ladder gardening – Image : Smithgilbertgardens

Garden in living room – Image : 33decor

Vertical gardening – Image : Epicgardening

Vertical garden with pots – Image : Httpezart

Plant art – Image : Garddenses

Instead of pots we can use old drainage pipes – Image : Epicgardening

Reusing of plastic bottles – Image : 33decor

Bonus image – Image : Garddenses

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What is Kitchen work triangle?

Image :

The Kitchen work triangle or The Golden triangle is a concept that was developed in early 20th century, when kitchens were very compact and appliances were very large. It connects the Cooktop (or) Stove, Refrigerator and Sink, these three points and the imaginary lines between them makes triangle and got this name work triangle, no element such as island blog the flow. This seventy year old design is still something worth considering while designing or remodeling a kitchen.

Illustration of Kitchen work triangle – Image : Preservationproperties

Some different types of triangles – Image : Urbanoutfitters

According to the guidance of the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), each leg of the triangle should measure between 4 and 9 feet, the sum of the three sides of the triangle should not exceed 26 feet. You should consider the location of workspace, islands, bars and other kitchen features while designing on work triangle to ensure functionality. Nowadays kitchen is not about just for cooking, it becomes multi-functional as sharing space with living and dining rooms for eating, working and entertaining so, the new idea called kitchen work zone design is evolved from existing work triangle.

Some of the kitchen designed considering work triangle are…

Consider the location of kitchen features while designing – Image : Sandiegoarchitects

 The sum of the three sides of the triangle should not exceed 26 feet – Image : Roomaholic

Triangle should measure between 4 and 9 feet – Image : Dreamstime

Nowadays kitchen becomes multi-functional – Image : Dreamstime

Today’s kitchen are large when compared to olden days – Image : Gettyimages

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Sliding Door Designs

Image :

In our homes, doors provide privacy, reduce noise and act as a sectional barrier but allow us to move from one room to another. A default problem in conventional door is it takes up more space for opening and closing but unlike conventional, Sliding Doors takes less space. For smaller room sliding doors are more efficient by giving an illusion of large space and more comfort. Sliding doors can have 1 or 2 parts based on the size of the pathway, it may be in solid wood or metal or glass. Sliding door produce more noise then the conventional one.

In studio and micro apartment sliding doors plays a major role in saving a space and to give a modern look, it act as a divider too. Sliding door provides a barrier free movement since they do not require any strips or elements in the floor which may cause injuries especially for children. Sliding doors are wider then classic doors, at least 5 cm wider on both sides with respect to aperture.

Sliding doors can be placed in every room of your home, We are featuring 10 sliding door designs.. Check out..!!!

Wooden sliding door. Image : Hometoz

Glass (Mirror) sliding door. Image : Theskunkpot

Metal sliding door, may be stainless steel or aluminium. Image : Showyourvote

Partition between a living space and pool. Image : Gettyimages

As a divider between kitchen and living room. Image : Showyourvote

Glass sliding door. Image : Showyourvote

Partition for a bedroom and living space. Image : Rains

Image : Feddoor

Image : Made-in-china

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12 Best Bold colour scheme for your rooms

Mar 19, 2019
Image :

The best way to start making a room look larger is paint the wall, the colors makes a major impact on how you feel. The great color scheme gives more inspiring energy. it is somewhat tricky when it comes down to select a best pair of bold colors so, we have arranged a different combinations of bold colors for rooms.


Image : Thouswell

Image : Howtodecorate

Image : Loczidesign

Image : Dekocuklarpic

Image : Stencilslab

Image : Morrinteriors

Image : Livingetc

Image : Renoguide

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How to built creative Shipping Container Homes ?

Shipping Containers, with their portable, stack able and widely available qualities provide a versatile pre-made module for architects around the world, and this process refers to Cargotecture or Arkitainer. They’re made from strong metal and aluminum, shipping containers can form a nearly indestructible home i.e fireproof and low maintenance. Plenty of used containers are available in the market.


You can customize shipping containers to create the perfect layout for your home. The standard container measure 8 feet wide and 8 feet 6 inches high, and comes in lengths of 20 or 40 feet. Make sure a large truck can enter your site easily. Consulting an architect / contractor familiar with shipping container homes can help you decide on the size and layout of your home

Image : Houseplans

Previous life of container

Do some research on the previous life of the shipping container you’re choosing whether it was used to transported toxic chemicals or hazardous materials. Ask for one – trip container they look like brand new.

Image : Goodsgn


A shipping container is a ready made self-supporting structure. The long, vertical walls on a container are load bearing when you made changes, it reflects in over all load distribution so, you need reinforced structure to over come this issue. For this reason you need an experienced designer / contractor.

Image : Unknown

The Pros

  • Due to their shape and material, shipping containers can be easily customized to fit many purposes.
  • Because of their wide-spread use,there are 30 million unused container are sitting around the globe.
  • They’re meant to be portable, which means you can ship and move them as you want, they already conform to standard shipping sizes
  • If you want to reduce environmental impact considerably containers will pave a way by reducing the use of traditional building materials such as bricks and cement so, its eco-friendly

Image : Archdaily

The Cons

  • Insulation is the big problem with building houses with containers, moist interior air condenses against the steel, becoming clammy. Rust will form unless the steel is well sealed and insulated.
  • Obtaining building permits may be troublesome in some regions, Local building codes could limit the use of smaller homes or homes built with nontraditional materials.
  • The size and weight of the containers will, in most cases, require them to be placed by a crane or forklift.
  • In most cases, containers require crane to place them due to its size and weight and the site should be easily accessible for trucks.

A shipping container home simplifies the design and build process. The shipping container as a metaphor for a garage in which a lot of big companies had their first office, like Apple and Microsoft, by placing all these containers next to each other forms a perfect move-in ready home. Right planning and design, a shipping container home can make sense for a new homeowner.

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