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Black and White Bedroom Ideas part 2

Image :

Your bedroom is the most important rooms in your home and the best place for relaxation, A black and white palette is Simple and Classic, White usually has a positive association and it represent a successful beginning where as Black gives the feeling of perspective and depth, when we use these two colors in a perfect ratio for bedroom we will get a stretch of the monochromatic theme in a sophisticated look. Monochromes are heading now a days, these 10 designs will surely make you fall in love with Black & White Monochromatic theme.

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An origami ceiling, Glass in the floor and mirror in the wall makes this room as a geometric design – Image : Evermotion

Image – Source

Black wall starts from the slanted ceiling makes this room more bright – Image : Tumblr

Image : Pinterest

Image : Drova

The focal point of this room is the bed by make it black create a perfect mixture of black and white – Image : Carr

Monochrome wall art and the grey scale picture makes sense – Image : Behance

L – shaped black wall and an art gives a perfect result for this small room – Image : Behance

Textured wall and highlighting the geometric shapes using light makes a difference – Image : Behance

The golden line make a huge difference in this room – Image : Aldn

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