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Best Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Jun 9, 2019

kitchen is one of the most discussed topics in interior design. A kitchen is a big deal, A kitchen is more than just a stunning backsplash and gorgeous cabinets. When the space is limited we don’t know what to do with it? To design a small kitchen we need a precise planning and implementation. We can triple the available limited space by carrying out creative ideas and pensive use of materials, patterns and accessories. Here we listed 15 best creative small kitchen ideas around the world.

Decorative lighting in this small kitchen makes space ever brighter – Image : Juanca Lagares

Plants in a window, wooden flooring and extra storage make this tiny kitchen larger – Image : Ikea

This is a grey scale kitchen, even pendant lights matches the floor – Image : Ikea

Sleek, modern cabinetry coupled with ample storage space, state-of-the-art appliances and an oversized cooking and entertaining island – Image : HGTV

Textured granite backsplash and dining table with up to ceiling storage – Image : Alibaba

Multicolour kitchen with green backsplash, yellow chairs, wooden flooring, white cabinet and blue accent – Image : Sreda interior

Double colour with white and wooden texture with large island – Image : Barbara Egan

Here island serves as a partition wall (dual duty) – Image : Waywardkitsune

Using stools instead of chairs can free up space by pushed away completely beneath your table – Image : Vera Tarlovskaya

Full wooden cabinets, need more lights to show up space – Image : HGTV

Orange backsplash and grey cabinet makes this tiny kitchen extraordinary Image : Michal Bartecki

Adding in an extra row of wall cupboards can increasing your storage space – Image : Fastighetsbyran

Black & White scheme with a glass in roof can give more natural light so, eco-friendly – Image : Brett Charles

Pure white cabinet with island cum dining table – Image – Dani James

Textured flooring takes this kitchen to another level – Image : Andrey Kabanov

Do you have some suggestions? Share and Tell us what you think in the comments below…!!!

Home Bar design Ideas

Every homeowner have a dream of having a bar at home. If you’ve decided to include a bar in your home, you may need some ideas that will help you create a space that’s both functional and attractive enough to entertain your guests. The well liked location for a home bar is in the kitchen or dining room although living rooms and basements are also favoured, then decide the accessories you want to include in your home bar such as refrigerator, sinks, bar table, wine cooler, stools etc. Choose the location and take a look at our 10 best home bar collection.

Black and White Home bar – Image : Shutterstock

Traditional Home bar – Image : Thegreatfiction

Outdoor Home bar – Image : Shutterstock

Image : Hispamun

Image : Bablovsegda

Do you have some suggestions? Share and Tell us what you think in the comments below…!!!


What is Kitchen work triangle?

Image :

The Kitchen work triangle or The Golden triangle is a concept that was developed in early 20th century, when kitchens were very compact and appliances were very large. It connects the Cooktop (or) Stove, Refrigerator and Sink, these three points and the imaginary lines between them makes triangle and got this name work triangle, no element such as island blog the flow. This seventy year old design is still something worth considering while designing or remodeling a kitchen.

Illustration of Kitchen work triangle – Image : Preservationproperties

Some different types of triangles – Image : Urbanoutfitters

According to the guidance of the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), each leg of the triangle should measure between 4 and 9 feet, the sum of the three sides of the triangle should not exceed 26 feet. You should consider the location of workspace, islands, bars and other kitchen features while designing on work triangle to ensure functionality. Nowadays kitchen is not about just for cooking, it becomes multi-functional as sharing space with living and dining rooms for eating, working and entertaining so, the new idea called kitchen work zone design is evolved from existing work triangle.

Some of the kitchen designed considering work triangle are…

Consider the location of kitchen features while designing – Image : Sandiegoarchitects

 The sum of the three sides of the triangle should not exceed 26 feet – Image : Roomaholic

Triangle should measure between 4 and 9 feet – Image : Dreamstime

Nowadays kitchen becomes multi-functional – Image : Dreamstime

Today’s kitchen are large when compared to olden days – Image : Gettyimages

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12 Kitchen Countertops design and materials

Image :

Kitchen countertops is the center point of attraction in kitchen, it impact the overall look and function of kitchen since where all the actions taken place. It can be made from a wide range of materials available in market, it is very tricky to choose the right materials for your countertops. Some of the most used materials are,

  • Quartz
  • Granite
  • Laminate
  • Marble
  • Concrete
  • Soapstone
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Stainless steel
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Travertine

Quartz also called as (Engineered Stone) Countertop. Image : Blogsweeten

Granite Countertops. Image : Colonialmarble


Laminate Countertops – Image : Bathroomsfirst

Marble Countertops – Image : Coastalshows

Concrete Countertops Image : Domino

Soapstone Countertops – Image : Hgtv


Wood Countertop – Image : Freshome

Glass Countertops – Image : Innovatebuildingsolutions

Stainless Steel Countertops – Image : Freshome

Ceramic tiles Countertops – Image : Istockphoto

Travertine Countertops – Image : Roombay

Stainless Steel Countertops – Image : Domino


Do you have some suggestions? Share and Tell us what you think in the comments below…!!!

Penny tiles flooring

Feb 6, 2019
Image :

Sometimes, the greatness of a space can be found in the smallest details. The Penny tile (also known as a Penny round) is a small tile in a round or hexagonal shape that can help you making kitchens and small bathrooms look larger. Penny tiles are often spotted in historic homes, now they are making a comeback, these charming little rounds / hexagonal are fresh and invigorating in many spaces even in modern foyer or entryway floors.

Single colour of penny tile can deliver a clean, conservative look, and broad range of coloured tiles arranged in an interesting patterns gives a showy effect. They’re also flexible enough to wrap seamlessly around curved objects. Now it’s very easy to install because of mesh sheets which are usually attached to it. You can find them in ceramic or porcelain and also in glass, stone, metal and even cock. Porcelain penny tiles are ideal medium for slippery surfaces or high-traffic areas and Ceramic penny tiles are used frequently for showers or Kitchen backsplashes.

Have you bored choosing square?

Let’s take a look at some Bathrooms and Kitchens with Penny Tiles, which make you to fall in love…!!!


Image : homedit

Image : homedit

Image : homedit

Image : homedit

Image : trendecora

Image : lovelyving

Image : homedit


Image : shoko design

Do you have some suggestions? Share and Tell us what you think in the comments below…!!!

What are the standard dimensions for kitchen and dining?

Image from

If you are in the process of planning out new kitchen and dining spaces, you may be searching what are the standard height of your tables, chairs, shelves, counters etc. These dimensions will impact your daily life, an inch can make a huge difference in sitting or working so, it’s good to have a basic understanding how measurement will make your space more comfortable and always remember comfort is new king.

Kitchen countertop

Standard height of Kitchen counters are around 36 inches including the countertop material. The height for a bar or dual-level island is typically 42 to 43 inches. 15 inches above countertop level is a good microwave height.

Image : votebyissue

Counter stools & chairs

A standard height of counter stool is 24 inches from the floor to the seat. A counter chair may measure from 24 to 26 inches as standard height, counter chair might have a seat back and arm rest. Swivels are also available. Bar stools measure between 28 to 30 inches height.

Dining tables

Dining tables are standard at 30 inches, bar height tables are generally around 42 inches. Some older vintage, antique tables are 28.5 to 29.5 inches. Round table with 50 inches or less diameter are best for navigation and conversation.

Image : westelm

Dining room chair

Dining chair heights are typically 17 to 19 inches from floor to seat. If you would like armchairs, its height may vary by style so, ensure the armchairs fit comfortably under the table. Allow atleast 30 inches of space for chair extension.

Image : decoraiso

Some of other useful dimensions for kitchen

  • 15 inches above countertop level is a good microwave height.
  • 15 inches of countertop on each side of a cooktop and refrigerator.
  • 24 inches is the the average base cabinet depth
  • 25 inches is the average countertop depth
  • 36 inches is the ideal prep area next to your cooktop
  • 12 inches is the standard depth for upper cabinet
  • 15 – 18 inches is the standard distance between countertop and wall mount cabinet
  • The standard hood height is 30 to 33 inches.

The kitchen is one of the best home improvements to invest in, as it will increase the overall value of your space dramatically so, every details must to be perfect. For more comfort and relaxed lifestyle keep dimensions standard.

Do you have some suggestions? Share and Tell us what you think in the comments below…!!!