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How to find a right rug?

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Picking the right rug can change the mood of your room. Bright and colorful gives warm and happy feelings. Dark and cool, give a calmer feeling to your room. Incorporating colors in the room to rugs gives a matching feeling, this idea works for bright colors. Going color matching gives balance and making your guests feel comfortable in your home.

When looking for a new area rug, the rug’s material is the most important factor to consider…!!!

Available Rugs materials are

  • Wool
  • Polyester
  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Viscose
  • Jute
  • Sisal
  • Seagrass
  • Nylon
  • Polypropylene

Size of the rugs are next important factor, choose wisely the size since we have only standard size available in market. Normally we place rugs in a manner of full room or seating or for furniture and you can also layer rugs.


Woolen rugs for kids rooms..!!! Image : Mobmasker

Rugs for bedroom..!!! Image : Coachdecor

Seagrass rugs..!!! Image : Overstock

Black & White patterned rug..!!! Image : Shutterstock

Multi coloured rug with matching pillow..!!! Image : Sonyawinner

Single coloured Woolen rug placed around the furniture..!!! Image : Shutterstock

Colour shade matches with the existing furniture..!!! Image : Apartmenttherapy

Polyester rugs..!!! Image : Urbanoutfitters

Designed rugs..!!! Image : Roseandgrey

Patterned rug with two different colours..!!! Image : Architecturein

Here rug covers all the furniture, this rug is made from natural fibers..!!! Image : Overstock

Image : Sfgirlbybay

This is the another way of placing a rug with only two legs of the furniture placed inside the rug..!!! Image : Coachdecor

Here the rug was placed around the furniture..!!! Image : Overstock

Traditional pathway rugs..!!! Image : Sofreshandsochic

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Sliding Door Designs

Image :

In our homes, doors provide privacy, reduce noise and act as a sectional barrier but allow us to move from one room to another. A default problem in conventional door is it takes up more space for opening and closing but unlike conventional, Sliding Doors takes less space. For smaller room sliding doors are more efficient by giving an illusion of large space and more comfort. Sliding doors can have 1 or 2 parts based on the size of the pathway, it may be in solid wood or metal or glass. Sliding door produce more noise then the conventional one.

In studio and micro apartment sliding doors plays a major role in saving a space and to give a modern look, it act as a divider too. Sliding door provides a barrier free movement since they do not require any strips or elements in the floor which may cause injuries especially for children. Sliding doors are wider then classic doors, at least 5 cm wider on both sides with respect to aperture.

Sliding doors can be placed in every room of your home, We are featuring 10 sliding door designs.. Check out..!!!

Wooden sliding door. Image : Hometoz

Glass (Mirror) sliding door. Image : Theskunkpot

Metal sliding door, may be stainless steel or aluminium. Image : Showyourvote

Partition between a living space and pool. Image : Gettyimages

As a divider between kitchen and living room. Image : Showyourvote

Glass sliding door. Image : Showyourvote

Partition for a bedroom and living space. Image : Rains

Image : Feddoor

Image : Made-in-china

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12 Best Bold colour scheme for your rooms

Mar 19, 2019
Image :

The best way to start making a room look larger is paint the wall, the colors makes a major impact on how you feel. The great color scheme gives more inspiring energy. it is somewhat tricky when it comes down to select a best pair of bold colors so, we have arranged a different combinations of bold colors for rooms.


Image : Thouswell

Image : Howtodecorate

Image : Loczidesign

Image : Dekocuklarpic

Image : Stencilslab

Image : Morrinteriors

Image : Livingetc

Image : Renoguide

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10 Beautiful Black & White Bedrooms

Your bedroom is the most important rooms in your home and the best place for relaxation, A black and white palette is Simple and Classic, White usually has a positive association and it represent a successful beginning where as Black gives the feeling of perspective and depth, when we use these two colors in a perfect ratio for bedroom we will get a stretch of the monochromatic theme in a sophisticated look. Monochromes are heading now a days, these 10 designs will surely make you fall in love with Black & White Monochromatic theme.

Image : Nashastyle

Image : Pinterest

Image : Nashastyle

Image : Kriss tina

Image : Nastasiadiz

Image : L.O.V.Studio

Image : Feddoor

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10 Micro Apartment Ideas

Image :

The Architects and designers around the world are creating innovative space – saving ideas called Micro apartments. This includes energy efficient, modular storage, latest technology such as keyless entry, micro ambient lighting and generous bed space for two people with convertible sofa and much more.

Here are 10 design ideas of micro apartment

Under bed, sofa storage ideas – Image : Dezeen

Rotatable TV, Glass wall for more light and city view – Image : Casa100

Micro Ambient Lighting – Image : Wharfdc

More white for a better lighting – Image : Rotenturmstrasse

Image : Picturewall

Image : Refinery29

Hanging bed over a kitchen – Image : Streambelmont

Modular Storage Space – Image : Picturewall

Convertible Morphe Sofa – Image : Narchitects

Convertible Morphe Sofa – Image : Narchitects

Do you have some suggestions? Share and Tell us what you think in the comments below…!!!