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January 20, 2019 at 10:25 am

If you’ve just started thinking about decorating your living room, then there are a lot of things to consider when designing your living room. Decorating a living room is a challenging one because you want to please your guests with its style and you want it to be a room in which it feels easy to just sit back and relax. The first thing to figure out about yourself is what your decorating style is. Depending on what you plan to do in the living room will influence the choices you make when deciding on a layout.


The common question pop up while decorating living room is how to arrange furniture? Arranging furniture requires little more planning, the important considerations are

Ø  Choosing a focal point and arrange a seating towards the focal point so that everyone in the room has a clear view.

Ø  Creating a conversation areas by splitting a living room into two or three

Ø  Avoid putting furniture too close to an entryway. Good clearance around the entryway makes the room more inviting.

Ø  Leave 10 – 20 inches of space between furniture and walls of the room, so people can easily walk through the room.

Wall art

Wall art add some life to you living room, large wall art is a surprisingly great way to optimize small spaces. Wall arts draws you in visually. It may be in a single piece or collection of small pieces or 3-Dimentional. For aesthetically pleasing, you can create a gallery wall of family photographs with similar frames.

Large Rugs

There are many reasons to use area rugs, when area rugs are too small it will make a room even smaller and disconnected so, make sure the best size for your room and keep the edges of rugs away from entryways.


Lighting is very important element of any room, try to use natural light as possible. There are three main types of light as ambient, task, and accent. Use a combinations of celling light, table and floor lamps, and wall sconces which brings balanced lighting to your room.

Incorporating colours

Choosing the right colours is somewhat tricking, choosing wall colour based on the things such as furniture you already have


People like me always offer good guidance, but ultimately you need to do what works best for you in your space, that’s what counts the most.


Bonus tip

Adding Indoor plants help purify the air in your home, and they make a room more inviting.