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Sliding Door Designs

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In our homes, doors provide privacy, reduce noise and act as a sectional barrier but allow us to move from one room to another. A default problem in conventional door is it takes up more space for opening and closing but unlike conventional, Sliding Doors takes less space. For smaller room sliding doors are more efficient by giving an illusion of large space and more comfort. Sliding doors can have 1 or 2 parts based on the size of the pathway, it may be in solid wood or metal or glass. Sliding door produce more noise then the conventional one.

In studio and micro apartment sliding doors plays a major role in saving a space and to give a modern look, it act as a divider too. Sliding door provides a barrier free movement since they do not require any strips or elements in the floor which may cause injuries especially for children. Sliding doors are wider then classic doors, at least 5 cm wider on both sides with respect to aperture.

Sliding doors can be placed in every room of your home, We are featuring 10 sliding door designs.. Check out..!!!

Wooden sliding door. Image : Hometoz

Glass (Mirror) sliding door. Image : Theskunkpot

Metal sliding door, may be stainless steel or aluminium. Image : Showyourvote

Partition between a living space and pool. Image : Gettyimages

As a divider between kitchen and living room. Image : Showyourvote

Glass sliding door. Image : Showyourvote

Partition for a bedroom and living space. Image : Rains

Image : Feddoor

Image : Made-in-china

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