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10 Beautiful Black & White Bedrooms

Your bedroom is the most important rooms in your home and the best place for relaxation, A black and white palette is Simple and Classic, White usually has a positive association and it represent a successful beginning where as Black gives the feeling of perspective and depth, when we use these two colors in a perfect ratio for bedroom we will get a stretch of the monochromatic theme in a sophisticated look. Monochromes are heading now a days, these 10 designs will surely make you fall in love with Black & White Monochromatic theme.

Image : Nashastyle

Image : Pinterest

Image : Nashastyle

Image : Kriss tina

Image : Nastasiadiz

Image : L.O.V.Studio

Image : Feddoor

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How to create a Grid Gallery in Wall

Image :

The grid gallery wall are gaining popularity in recent times. The grid gallery is nothing but displaying many wall art or photos. It can be vertical or horizontal with two or more rows, in a square or rectangle manner.

The most important aspect needed for a clean finished grid gallery is a clear perspective about the theme that you intent to use, well planning and a precise measurement – don’t trust your eyes, intend use measuring tape.

The best number of pieces of grid are 3*3 (9 pieces), 3*4 (12 pieces), 4*4 (16 pieces) with 2 to 3 inches space between each frames. The frames are either used to fill a space between floor and ceiling or furniture and ceiling. The colour of the frame are based on the look you want such as classic or bold.

Here are some examples for grid gallery which inspired us.

Image : Domino

Image : Trip Advisor

This is Spiral type, start with a center frame, and spiral out. Image : Picturewall

Image : Onechitecture

Image : Framebridge

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15 most creative balcony ideas to get inspired

Feb 6, 2019
Creative Balcony 06

Balcony is the space where you can spend your time for relaxation, whatever may be the size still you can make it aesthetic and functional space by proper planning with little creativity. As a place for relaxation the seat is important whether it is steel or wood, chair should comfy enough to sit for a while. Here are some design tips to get most of balcony.

  • Incorporating a rug can help you to make your balcony appear even bigger, right colour and pattern makes best pair for a balcony.
  • If the balcony space is limited, café chair and a small table creates a functional space.
  • Instead of fixing a permanent lighting go for a lantern string lights which makes balcony more magical.
  • Plants in balcony can give a new look and satisfaction. The plants are arranged in a monochromatic and uniform manner to get more pleasure from it.


Some of the creative designs to get inspired…

Creative Balcony 01

Creative Balcony 02

Creative Balcony 03

Creative Balcony 04

Creative Balcony 05

Creative Balcony 06

Creative Balcony 07

Creative Balcony 08

Creative Balcony 09

Creative Balcony 10

Creative Balcony 11

Creative Balcony 12

Creative Balcony 13

Creative Balcony 14

Creative Balcony 15

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Want to give fresh look for your bedroom?

Image from

Your bedroom is the most important rooms in your home, this is where you spend most of your time by sleep or rest so, it’s clear that this is a space for relaxation. Retreating it is not a big deal, you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars for a top-to-bottom makeover. Simple updates will dramatically change the appearance of the room.

New furniture

You can update the room appearance by adding or replacing the small furniture items such as chairs, stands etc. if you budget is enough you can go for new bed frames too.

Image : wharfside

New curtains / window cover

You can create an illusion of large window with curtains. New curtains will enhance the look and style of your room. You can choose a stripes, bold colour, graphic pattern which match the overall bedroom colour.

Image : homelava

Paint a wall

Painting a wall is the simple and quick way to refresh / upgrade your bedroom, paint affects overall appearance so, be conscious in choosing a colour take your time to decide because it is a big deal. Choosing one colour will make room more cozy.

Image : 1stdibs

Change your lighting

Replacing old / outdated light fixtures will result in fresh look. Changing the old ones make the room more custom and more energy saving.

Image : jihanshanum

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