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Best Interior Designers in Thanjavur

One of the Leading Interior Designers in Thanjavur, Tamilnadu.

VEDO REDO is an interior design and build practice dedicated to creating comfortable and high-quality interiors. We design homes that not only look beautiful, but feel right for you and your family – now and for years to come. Our knowledge spans all aspects of your project; from Interior / Architectural design to execution of the project, material selection and planning etc.,

Launched in 2015 by Raja Dixon and Tamilinian in Thanjavur, TN. Both are Civil Engineers by profession and have been combining their skills to deliver flawless interiors that perfectly encompass the vision of their clients. Vedo Redo Services are:

  • Kitchen Interior
  • Living Room Interior
  • Bed Room Interior
  • Dining Room Interior
  • Bath Room Interior
  • Home Renovation
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+91 82203 33105

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Thanjavur, Tamilnadu

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Vedo Redo in Thanjavur is a name synonymous with quality and excellence. Established in Thanjavur, our objective has been to provide best interiors in Thanjavur to homeowners.


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